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Why Moderate-Intensity Exercise Is The Best

The human body can best be described as a complex, finely-tuned machine. While your physical health is to a great extent predetermined by the genes you inherit, your lifestyle plays an equally significant part in how your body copes, as it ages each day. To maintain good health it is vital to make exercise a fundamental component of your daily routine. To be sustainable an exercise program must comprise of three basic elements – it should be safe, it should be enjoyable and it should be effective.

When A Little Goes A Long Way

So what are the best exercise tips to follow? To get the most out of exercise, it is important to understand its different facets. Exercising for health does not necessarily mean vigorous training programs. But then how do you decide how much or what kind of exercise is best for you? The question here is not how often you must exercise or with what intensity; but how you can achieve utmost benefit from a well-coordinated exercise program.

How Much Exercise Is Too Much

Most fitness experts follow the thumb rule that a moderate- intensity workout is the most ideal, and for good reason.

1. If the exercise routine is too superficial then it fails to meet the fitness target.

2. On the other hand when the workout is too intense, the chances of injury and subsequent burnout are high.

A moderate-intensity workout dispels these risks. In fact, a moderate-intensity workout shows definite results, as it is more sustainable.

Guidelines For A Moderate-Intensity Workout

Though it is always good to begin an exercise program under the guidance of a trainer, your moderate-intensity workout need not be something that you have to do in a gym or in a confined space. If you are looking at ways to begin on an exercise routine on your own you can choose fun activities that you like doing and make them your exercise routine.

Here is a look at some fun activities that can be incorporated in your exercise schedule –

· Cycling

· A game of tennis/basketball etc

· Swimming

· Running/jogging

· Walking

· Dancing

However, to be termed a suitable exercise routine you will need to ensure the activity you choose provides you a moderate-intensity workout. To know you are exercising right, follow these workout guidelines –

1. You should feel your muscles working, but not to the extent of unbearable pain.

2. Take the Talk Test – you should be able to carry on a short conversation, with ease.

3. Try singing. If you are still able to sing and hold your notes in between the workout, you are not exercising hard enough. Push yourself harder.

Take Time Out To Exercise

Your exercise and fitness routine should be centered on your specific fitness goals. Exercise is also something that you need to do yourself. So, schedule it in your daily planner. Set a time of the day when you should exercise, and stick to the timing. Never, treat exercise as something that you fit into your day if and when you have the time. Find a time slot that does not interfere with your everyday activities and fit your exercise schedule into it.

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