Irrespective of casual dating, fling, or other dates, people crave a serious and exclusive relationship in the end. A serious relationship can be referred to when two people invest the same amount of effort and grow together constantly and dedicatedly. Also, serious relationships involve solid commitments, unlike casual dating and flings; this is what makes a serious relationship stand out from casual dating. But, when can a couple realise that their relationship has turned serious? What are the signs to know that? So, we have lined up some signs indicating that you and your partner are into a serious relationship!

1. “You vent out things comfortably.”

You vent out your thoughts and feelings only if you are comfortable enough with your partner. You do not feel awkward talking about any matter in the world if you are in a serious relationship. However, this does not happen during casual dating or fling as you will always want to portray yourself as “perfect” or “the best.”


2. “You feel like “home” when you spend time together.”

Keep in mind that no matter whom you find, you should always feel relieved, comfortable, and relaxed when you meet and be with your partner; basically, you should feel like getting back home gives you comfort and peace. Also, this signifies that you would be “yourself” when you come home, and so do you be with your partner if you are in a serious relationship.

3. “Your family is theirs and vice-versa.”


A serious relationship symbolises commitment, not only with each other but also with each other’s families. If your partner wants to meet your family, frequently asks about them, and constantly takes care of them, this is one of the vital signs of a serious relationship.

4. “Actions speak louder than words.”

It is all about how a couple treats each other with utmost love, care, trust, and mutual respect. Always remember and believe in actions more than the words they speak. Of course, assurance is critical in every relationship, but make sure that your partner abides by what they have assured. However, you can notice how much your partner loves you, and that is when you find out if you are in a serious relationship or not!

speak louder

5. “We” becomes essential than “I.”

Once your partner starts addressing every moment of each other, be it a happy or sad one, with a “we” instead of “I”, then this is one of the crucial signs of being in a serious relationship.

6. “Loving and caring are the priorities in your bonding.”

After getting into a dating or a relationship, as time passes by, there is no need to hide the caring and loving side of yours; there is no need to be shy too. Every time and in every situation, your partner cares about your well-being and loves for who you are rather than expecting you to be like someone; that is when you realise you are in a serious relationship and are definitely blessed to be in one!

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