Humans are social beings. Unlike others, they seek romantic companionships. They want to belong, to love, and to feel loved. Relationships are the best things that can happen to a person. It will bring out the best in them. Like everything else, the way you react in the beginning, and at the end, matters. In relationships, various stages change your behavior. You go through a lot of changes, and these determine the tests as well as the conclusion of a relationship.

There are five stages that every romantic relationship has to go through.


This is the initial of romantic companionship. It’s mixed with raw emotions that overwhelm the couple. It includes the joy that one feels to be around that leads to passionate sex. In addition to that, the couple is curious and exploring various kinds of emotions that the relationship brings. In other words, a person feels that this is the perfect match. The eagerness is dominant, and they wish to be with each other always.

Besides that, the new emotions shadow the sensibility of the brain, and our normal thought process is overwhelmed. The body releases various kinds of enzymes, such as dopamine, oxytocin, as well as endorphins, that introduce us to a new world. In that stage, we are too clouded to see the similarities and other aspects of the person. Since in this stage, the emotions run high, one should take a step back, and understand the other person carefully. Though dating, and intriguing ios all that is on the mind at that time. However, don’t make any big decisions.


Doubt and Denial

After the sudden surge of emotions has settled down, the next stage is doubt and denial. In this stage, the couple starts to analyze the aspects of the compatibility, and understand the other person. The doubt pops up in the mind, and the qualities that were so great, and perfect, are just full of doubts. You may seem to be defending your ways or trying to change the person, and mold them into yours. So, you may soon find yourself in a power struggle. In this case, it’s important to deal with the conflict in a very sensible way by trying to come to a mutual agreement.



This is the struggle stage of love. For some, it may seem that the love is ending. However, that’s not the case. Once the conflict end, you will conclude. The couples are ready to hold on to grudges in some cases or fight at the slightest of reason. The negative energy needs to be replaced with the positive one. Do things together. Perhaps go to a movie, and never brush the things under the rug. The more you are ready to resolve things, the better the bond will be.


This is one of the important stages of the relationship. In this stage, the couple has their understanding, and they can see everything. Remoteness and the need to get away from each other are so obvious at times. In addition to that, you may feel to end the relationship and start anew. This is the winter of the relationship. In this stage, it’s equally important to give it sometimes, and try your best to make it work. Commit to the change, whether that be yourself, or the way you behave. If the couple can come to a mutual understanding, then this will be the best.

Wholehearted Love:

This is the best stage of the relationship. In this stage, the couples understand and acknowledge the flaws as well as imperfections of each other. They cherish and laugh at their immaturity. They accept that they’re imperfect, and they still can love each other. They can have conversations on various issues without any provocation. Simply put, this is the discovery of their selves, and they can enjoy each other with all that they have.


Relationships go through a lot of stages, but one understanding with each other, and the acceptance of the other’s flaws, simply turns it more passionate. Love, respect, and understanding of the imperfections, as well as the person, is the key to a passionate relationship.

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